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Maurice Law’s roots trace back to 1992, when founding partner Ron Maurice began his career at the newly-established Indian Claims Commission (ICC). Ron began as an associate at the ICC, rising through the ranks to become senior Commission Counsel.

While at the ICC, Ron was involved in 66 public inquiries across the country, and was deeply involved in drafting and writing Inquiry Reports which focused on unique and challenging issues affecting First Nations communities. Because of the evolving nature of the law, Ron gained unique experience at the ICC, and honed his strategic approach to complex aboriginal law issues. In a number of the claims that had been rejected by Canada, the Department of Justice agreed to reverse its opinion and accept the claim for negotiation based on the legal analysis set out in reports that Ron wrote for the Commission. Ron learned to undertake a fulsome, meticulous review of the law and issues in each claim he worked on, and this approach has informed all the work that Ron, and the rest of Maurice Law, does today.

Ron left the ICC in 1998, and briefly joined Rooney Prentice, before opening the doors to Maurice Law in 2002.


Ron Maurice founded Maurice Law Barristers & Solicitors in 2002, driven by his passion for achieving settlement for the grievances of First Nations in Canada. Ron began his practice in his basement, and faced the daunting task of founding his own law firm, as well as righting historical wrongs.

Understanding that many First Nations do not have the ability to pay for long legal battles with Canada, Ron began his quest to secure access to justice by helping clients finance their legal costs. Ron appreciated that without the ability to finance litigation, First Nations in Canada had no recourse to vindicate their rights.

Thus, began a 12-year journey to establish Maurice Law’s insurance and financing program for claims being pursued through Canada’s Specific Claims Process. Through Ron’s innovative vision and ardent effort, this program has since become pivotal for our clients’ efforts in seeking redress in relation historical wrongs concerning their land and the promises made to them by Canada under treaty.


Maurice Law has four key values: access to justice, persistence, a multidisciplinary approach to legal issues, and the creation of community legacies.

Access to Justice: Maurice Law knows of the fundamental need of First Nation to have access to justice without having to expend their limited resources to do so – First Nations cannot address the transgressions of the past without the means to communicate their rights today.

Persistence: Maurice Law also believes in persistence. We are open to negotiate in good faith, but always prepared to advocate.

Multidisciplinary Approach: Maurice Law values the importance of historical research, and uses history and facts to take emotionally charged situations and turn them into fair results.

Creation of Community Legacies: After Maurice Law secures an award or settlement for its clients, we encourage clients to think about the future of their communities. Maurice Law values helping and protecting future generations through the creation of legacies for First Nations communities. By helping our clients to navigate the management of their settlements and awards, we can help our clients protect the rights of future generations.

Today, Maurice Law is a small firm that is rapidly growing. Maurice Law has offices across Canada and is able to help First Nations with all of their unique needs. In the future, Maurice Law aims to increase its capacity, to help its clients find justice, and to hire the most capable and passionate team to do so.

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